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WordPress Learning Management System will be better than Standalone LMSs (part 2)

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WordPress LMS

In part 1, we just go through the two first reasons why WordPress Learning Management System is more outstanding than Standalone LMSs which are Easy to use and Front End Design And UX. In this part, I will list out the rest. I will try to make the comparison as detailed as possible to give you the clearest view on the issue. Hope you find it useful:

3. Less Demanding.

The most convincing evidence, for this reason, is in the installation zip file sizes for Moodle and Canvas, the size reaches the number of 50 megabytes for each. Whereas, WordPress files are just 4 to 5 megabytes for each ( just one-tenth in comparison to standalone LMSs). Even when you integrate 10 resource intensive plugins for extending the functionality of your website, the size of installation will never exceed 15 megabytes, which is still less than half of standalone setups.

With Moodle, it will require a small fortune in terms of the hardware, when scaled for a large number of users. WordPress is totally opposite. It still works with virtually any contemporary operating system, but processor with RAM needs 512 megabytes ( your server needs to run PHP and MySQL) while standing alone setups have been listed as high as 4 gigabytes of ram along with 2 or more gigahertz of processing speeds.

It can be summarized that half cost but double profits returned.

Some Learning Management System themes you can refer: Printshop – WordPress Responsive Printing Theme, ELEGAN – Responsive HTML5 Jewelry Template, Udetor – LMS Education WordPress Theme,

4. Business And Marketing.

One of the Unique Selling Point of WordPress is in the way it is modeled as an effective business and powerful marketing tool with actually high returns on investment. In this specific case, I will take the example of selling the course online. The WordPress plugins like Woocommerce is so easy to download and offer a single step solution for all your e-commerce needs. They will help to set up an online store, payment gateway, CRM, invoicing, inventory management add a variety of products, etc. The endless list of features!

Another advantage is the level of scalability you will achieve with these systems. If you visit WooThemes, you will be surprised with what they have. The products sold on site are under 500 but there are over 500,000 registered users. Each month it attracts up to 11,000 orders. Considerable and desirable numbers for each business owner.

So, you may ask: What’s about standalone Learning Management Systems?

How can I say, it is not as good as WordPress Learning Management System. The system like Moodle sells online course but you cannot find anything like e-commerce plugins; No payment gateways, no e-commerce tracking, less management. Some tasks like building a course marketplace are just in a dream.

About marketing, you can use a plugin like Yoast SEO or SEO Made Simple to optimize your website and be a close friend with Google. Moreover, you can use other extensions to enter the social media world by sharing content on social media, email marketing integrations, web traffic analytics, etc. Although people call it by the virtual world the profit it brings is real.

5. Community And Plugins.

If I can describe the strength of WordPress in one word, it would be Community and WordPress Community is growing at astronomical speeds. There are hundreds of thousands of developers who are always enthusiastic about innovating and contributing to the code base. Until now, we have seen over 98 versions or WordPress with 29,000+ plugins. The level of functionality achievable within the WordPress environment is unmatched. WordPress Community is an encyclopedia. If you have any problems when building an eLearning website, you can search on Google or go to the forum. It might be answered before in somewhere.

I list a lot of figures that do not mean I say standalone LMSs aren’t satisfactory. It also has a community and comes with over 1000 plugins but of course, if you compare to WordPress, WordPress will be more outstanding.

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